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• Do you know where your money goes?
• Do you know how to plan for your future?
• Is your business supporting your financial goals?
• Are your employees healthy, empowered and enthusiastic?
• Do you understand the power of your financial reports?
• Are you using the right accounting software/system?
• Do you want to escape Quickbooks?


Business Pros

Small Business & Corporate Finance Strategies

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The Growth Coach®

Learn from your coach and other business owners

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The Cure Coach™

Are you at risk for a heart attack or stroke? We can help you reverse your risk.

Does your Business need to grow?

We’ll help you develop a stragegy for Financial and Team management


Over 40 years of accounting and leadership experience

Small, large and startup companies

Private, Corporate, Education and Non-profit

Software implementation, data analysis


A safe place to brainstorm

A partner who celebrates the wins and works through the challenges with you

Experience and relationships with resources to guide you on the way

A strategic partner through all stages of business growth

Growth Coach® – group coaching, learn from other business owners

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"In the Beginning..."

God is Good

When you arrive at a client meeting at a local brewery, and the first thing he says is “God is good!”, you know it will be a good meeting. A chance meeting at a gas station introduces him to a resource who can help him with his backlog of work …

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